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Yoga Institute provides information about yoga and yoga institutes where you can learn, practice and understand yoga which could potentially lead a person to achieving absolute bliss.

Alternative Medicine

NY Yoga, Spa, Wellness Guide
New York Area wellness related resources and information for stress management, personal growth, nutrition, and wellbeing.

General Health

Relaxation Emporium
Learn relaxation techniques and stress management strategies. Information about music, tea, candles, fountains and exercise, and how they can reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Weight Loss

Phentermine Discussion
Weight loss support group provides personal diet journals and free diet and exercise tips. Save money and stay safe from shipping delays or rip-offs by checking out the approved pharmacies list to buy Phentermine online.

Personal Development


Meditation Guide
What is meditation? There are different ways to describe meditation. Here the meditation explained with how meditation is derived from, classic yoga texts, stages of the meditation and about the yoga teaching schools.

If You Could Know: Psychic Readings by Wendy Wallace
Wendy Wallace is an intuitive counselor offering sessions which combine psychic reading, life coaching and counseling all to help heal your mind, body, and spirit. What changes might you make in life if you could know what the future holds? Find out.

Personal Growth Resources
Dedicated to providing useful hints and tips for self development and personal growth.

Subliminal CDs -
Change Your Mind, Change Your Life! Use subliminal cds to change just about anything in your life. We use state-of-the-art technology that creates powerful subliminal recordings.

Inspiration / Quotes

Inspirational Quotations - Motivating for Changes
Rekindle the bright fire in you with these timeless inspirational quotes.