5 Tips to Enhance Focus during Meditation

by: Holly McCarthy

Benefits of Meditation

Practicing meditation and relaxation methods regularly offer many benefits to practitioners. In order to make the most out of your meditations, focus is an essential skill that requires time and devotion to hone. What follows is a brief list of tips to enhance focus during meditation that will ultimately enrich the process for you.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is one of the most important aspects of regular meditation. Inhale through your nose and allow your stomach to gently rise as you do this. Your diaphragm will help you with deep cleansing breaths more than your lungs will. Exhale slowly through your mouth, trying to exhale for twice as long as you took to inhale. Focus on your breathing by saying "in" to yourself while breathing in and "out" while breathing out.

Find a Fixed Point

Using a visual fixed point can truly help make meditations more fulfilling when practicing this skill regularly. This point doesn't necessarily have to be the same every time and can be an object, a picture, or even a word that you wish to contemplate. Making use of this strategy will help you to hold focus for longer periods of time during meditation sessions.

Bring Object of Focus into Your Consciousness

Many times, we try to use meditation as a time to clear our mind and find this to be a challenging endeavor. With a focal point for concentration and the use of a picture, word, or object, we can devote our time to contemplation and gain insights when we use this focus to our advantage.

Monitor and Acknowledge Thoughts

The mind is a very hard thing to figure out. When we try to clear it, we think many thoughts; when we try to focus, we get distracted. Monitor your though patterns and acknowledge when you lose focus. Use distractions as a signal to return to mindfulness. Don't allow your mind to take over, but donŐt be hard on yourself either. This is what the mind does and you are working at developing your skills over time.

Redirect Attention as Needed

Again, your mind will try and get you off course, which is simply another reminder to return to mindfulness. Expect to redirect your attention often at first. Do your best to use a fixed point and continue using that object to keep returning to your meditations. With consistent practice, your ability to focus through meditation will continue grow.

About The Author
This post was contributed by Holly McCarthy, who writes on the subject of trade school. She invites your feedback.

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